Got Schwag?!

promotionalProducts2promotional products:
sometimes nicknamed swag or schwag, are articles of merchandise (often branded with a logo) used in marketing & communication programs.

Most successful marketing campaigns have schwag in one form or another. Pens, T-shirts, mugs, tumblers, calendars, clocks… even the embroidered Polo shirts you and your associates wear. These items help to broaden your audience and brand your business even when you aren’t looking!

Not only does everyone love freebies, but they have been shown to sway user opinion… in a 2010 study, 41% of U.S. respondents indicated that their opinion of an advertiser was more favorable after receiving a promotional product. And since we all know that buying is generally  an emotional decision, (coupled by a logical justification) why not give your prospects that warm fuzzy about your business / services!

Small businesses are often intimidated by the order process, and by the projected cost of promotional products… I am here to tell you we can find some schwag that will fit your budget, and I will handle the headache for you! Its what I do! :0) Call today, 352.843.2435.

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