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How can black and white copies damage my business?

Are you in need of professional print collateral for your business? Do you print take out menus or other “throw away” collateral and maybe you are looking for an affordable resource? Let me tell you this… before you go to that black and white copier (and possibly damage your brand and your return audience) let me give you a quote!

How can black and white copies damage my business? You have worked hard to open your business, to maintain quality service and to create a return customer base… so why would it matter if the take out menus I put out there are a simple black and white copy? It’s just a menu right? Well… not exactly.

Everything you put out there for your business is a tool that supports the brand you are working so hard to create! If, let’s just say for the sake of this article, you are a restaurant that prides itself in amazing food, great service, quality atmosphere, do you want your customers to take that “impression” along with them when they leave? By handing them a nice full color take out menu, it puts out the impression that you really DO care about your image, your atmosphere, and that MUST translate into the food and the service because hey, this restaurant guy really has it together! Full color printing is not only more likely to be read, it is more likely to be retained for future use! And right there is where you snag your return market. Give them something they will want to hold on to for future reference.

On the flip side of that, suppose you hand your customer a black and white to go menu as they are leaving. INSTANTLY there is an impression that:
a) This restaurant is haphazardly trying to maintain by just popping out black and white copies, maybe to save money, maybe in a pinch, or maybe they’re not really doing so well and cutting corners financially… and in turn,

b) This business owner is simply shooting straight for my return business, without really caring about building the relationship and investing in their own brand – ability.

I realize that may sound harsh, but it’s honest impression. As a business owner you should realize that the material you put out there is not just physically speaking to your prospects, it also carries intangible impressions that can either help or hinder your business image. Something as simple as color print vs. black and white can actually psychologically elevate your business standing within your prospect pool, and help create return business!

Here is the real kicker – Color printing is not as expensive as you may think! You don’t have to be within the Ocala Florida area for me to help you with your print needs. No matter where you are in the US, I would love an opportunity to quote your next print project in color and show you that, long term, your spending the same money either way!

Amy Keel
Marketing Solutions Specialist