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What Exactly is Cohesive Marketing?

co•he•sive (koʊˈhi sɪv)
1. tending to unify, harmonize, or be consistent.
2. well integrated; “a cohesive organization”
3. united – characterized by unity; being or joined into a single entity.

When something is cohesive, it can be torn apart, fragmented and spread out, but you will always know that each of those pieces come from the same whole.

Would it not stand to reason then, that when presenting your business to the world you would want to create a cohesive image to your audience, no matter where they might be viewing from? This, my friends, is cohesive marketing… and guess what? Cohesive marketing helps to establish and reinforce a BRAND.

woode blockLet’s say you decide you are going to use a square wooden block, paint it red with your name in white as a representation of your business. You take these wooden blocks and leave them everywhere you go. At the market, at the bus stop, at each of your clients offices… You leave your blocks behind everywhere you go, freely giving them to people, freely setting them about. Eventually, people are going to start to recognize these blocks. They will take notice and think “I just saw that same red wooden square block on the other side of town yesterday.” They will mention it to a friend who will say, “YES! I saw the same red wooden square block at the market, then again in the street…” And then people really begin to look at these blocks, and wonder what they are about, begin to investigate the business name and, guess what? When they need your service they’ll think, “Oh, that business with the red blocks does that…”

And maybe you have a micro business, and all you do is sell wooden blocks, but you have established a COHESIVE BRAND through your community!

Lets say you do the same thing but everywhere you go you leave something different… a round blue coin one place, a green square bowl another, at the market you leave a sheet of orange paper and hand out to people random colored and shaped objects. Do you think people will take notice? Will they think, “Hmmm, that green square bowl makes me think of the round blue coin I saw the other day?”

Well, depending on the extreme randomness of it, there is a chance SOMEONE will notice. But do you see the picture I am painting here? By consistently, and COHESIVELY presenting your red blocks to your community (or prospect pool) you are creating an association not only with the shape of your block, but the colors, and textures as well.

Apply that to your marketing material. Are your brochures a “green square bowl” and your business cards a “round blue coin”? Is your web site a “sheet of orange paper”? Do you throw about varying marketing material randomly in the hopes of catching your audience?

Or did you take your “red square block” and divide it up into various pieces, being a brochure, business cards, a web site, (vehicle wraps, billboards, print advertising, etc. etc.) that when placed together create a whole “red square block”, but when presented separately  STILL represent a “red square block”? THAT is cohesive marketing, and that is so vital, no matter how small or micro your business is!

Marketing is not as difficult as some small businesses think. You do it every day whether you choose to be aware of it or not. Pay attention to the image you are putting out there, make the choice to be cohesive. You don’t need high dollar graphics, just use the same graphics, the same color scheme, the same colors. You will start to see a difference in how people perceive your business, and you will create a brand recognition that you can build on!

-Amy Keel
Marketing Solutions Specialist
Amy Keel Designs

Got Schwag?!

promotionalProducts2promotional products:
sometimes nicknamed swag or schwag, are articles of merchandise (often branded with a logo) used in marketing & communication programs.

Most successful marketing campaigns have schwag in one form or another. Pens, T-shirts, mugs, tumblers, calendars, clocks… even the embroidered Polo shirts you and your associates wear. These items help to broaden your audience and brand your business even when you aren’t looking!

Not only does everyone love freebies, but they have been shown to sway user opinion… in a 2010 study, 41% of U.S. respondents indicated that their opinion of an advertiser was more favorable after receiving a promotional product. And since we all know that buying is generally  an emotional decision, (coupled by a logical justification) why not give your prospects that warm fuzzy about your business / services!

Small businesses are often intimidated by the order process, and by the projected cost of promotional products… I am here to tell you we can find some schwag that will fit your budget, and I will handle the headache for you! Its what I do! :0) Call today, 352.843.2435.