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Is your logo speaking life into your business or damaging your brand?

A common error I see with small businesses that are trying to save money by self promoting is logo degeneration.


The logo on the left is degenerated, as if it has been photocopied numerous times. The logo on the right is not. Which one would you like to represent your business? Remember, your logo represents your brand, and so does the material you are placing in the hands of prospects! While black and white copies serve the purpose of carrying the information, what do they portray to your audience? Do your marketing materials portray a calculated, cohesive brand for your business? Or are you conveying a half hazard effort with degenerated photocopies or low resolution images that are muddy or hard to see?

Keep in mind that your first impression is an opportunity you only get once!

Breathe life into your business with this one simple practice…

Your logo files are invaluable! You dont need to know or understand the differences between web resolution and print resolution, but you do need to know this one thing… keep a high resolution .eps file of your logo handy at all times! Once you lose track of it, you are beginning the degenerative process! You dont have to know what to do with it, you dont have to be able to even open and edit it, but you do need to have it readily available to the people who DO know how to work with it and who require it! As your business grows so do your needs, and eventually you will need to order shirts, or do a vehicle wrap, billboard or a magazine ad… and that logo you pulled off the web is not going to cut it. (for reasons we arent discussing here, web resolution = bad!) So you are faced with 2 options. Use the logo you have and create sub standard, fuzzy and ultimately brand damaging collateral, (and often when dealing with professional printers the ISN’T really an option) OR pay to have a high resolution version of your logo created. So make sure you and your staff realize the importance of good clean collateral by having high resolution logo files available. You will be thankful in the long run! This simple practice can separate you from your competition. :0)

Why image resolution is important in your small business marketing…


Today’s small business tip:
From Amy Keel
When self promoting, it is more important than ever to pay attention to the QUALITY of the marketing material you are putting out there. Ever go through all the trouble of pulling images from the web, laying out a flier and print it only to find it looks horrible? The images are either really tiny OR they are super blurry.


Here’s the WHY…
In a perfect world, when you print any image it should be at least 300 dpi (dots per inch – thats how RESOLUTION of images is determined) The problem with web images is that the majority of them have been downsized to 72dpi (screen resolution) to speed up web page loading times. In the picture attached, the image on the left is a 300dpi (print resolution) image, on the right is the exact same image at 72dpi (screen resolution) – when I look at the image on the right on my screen, it looks to be the same size as the print resolution image. BUT as illustrated here, the size of the image when printed is minute compared to how it appears on screen.

This is why printers, designers, promo product companies tend to throw that web logo back at you and ask for a high resolution image. ALWAYS keep an eps of your logo handy. It makes a WORLD of difference for your marketing material!